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Volume : 24 Issue : 3 Year : 2022

Andrology Bulletin - : 24 (3)
Volume: 24  Issue: 3 - 2022

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5.The percentages of usage of phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors for the first-line treatment in patients with erectile dysfunction
Adem Sancı, Cihat Özcan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.78095  Pages 167 - 171

6.Adaptation of the premarital risky sexual behavior assessment scale for young women into Turkish: Validity and reliability study
Meltem Mecdi Kaydırak, Fatma Aslan Demirtaş, Ümran Oskay, Azam Rahmani
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.64426  Pages 172 - 179

7.Evaluation of testicular shear wave elastography in men with idiopathic oligoastenospermia; Prospective, controlled study
Mustafa Gök, Hakan Görkem Kazıcı, Göksel Tuzcu, Gökhan Şahin, Arif Kol, Erhan Ateş
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.56588  Pages 180 - 185

8.Evaluation of the quality and reliability of YouTube video resources on microdissection testicular sperm extraction
Adem Sancı, Cihat Özcan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.60863  Pages 186 - 190

9.The impact of COVID-19 infection on sexual functions of males and associated risk factors
Emre Salabas, Hüseyin Cihan Demirel, Semih Türk, İbrahim Halil Baloğlu
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.57984  Pages 191 - 198

10.Sexual life and nursing approach in obesity
Ebru Cirban Ekrem, Melike Kahveci, Özlem Demirel Bozkurt
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.84755  Pages 199 - 203

11.Violence against women, sexual violence and nurses responsibilities
Esra Güler, Nülüfer Erbil
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.38159  Pages 204 - 213

12.Current practices in the management of vulvovagınal atrophy in postmenoposal perıod
Nurgül Şimal Yavuz, Nebahat Özerdoğan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.35651  Pages 214 - 220

13.Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on male sexual health and semen parameters
Hakan Görkem Kazıcı, Ahmet Emre Yıldız, Erhan Ateş
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.62144  Pages 221 - 227

14.COVID-19 pandemic and domestic violence against women
Gizem Yıldız, Nülüfer Erbil
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2022.09327  Pages 228 - 233

15.Publications and Congress Calendar of Andrology

Pages 234 - 236
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