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Andrology Bulletin Volume: 22 Issue: 3


: 21 (4)
Volume: 21  Issue: 4 - 2019
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6.Comparison of erectile function in patients undergoing extraperitoneal laparoscopic radical prostastatectomy by three port and conventional method
Erhan Ateş, Yiğit Akın, Arif Kol, Osman Köse, Sacit Nuri Görgel, Serkan Özcan, Yüksel Yılmaz
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.47550  Pages 128 - 133

7.Myths of men about sexual life in pregnancy
Özden Tandoğan, Meltem Mecdi Kaydırak, Ümran Oskay
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.79037  Pages 134 - 139

8.Comparison of short-term erectile function results of robotic and open radical prostatectomy in high-risk prostate cancer
Fuat Kızılay, Serdar Kalemci, Barış Altay
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.47855  Pages 140 - 145

9.The relationship between semen parameters vs. neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and platelet-lymphocyte ratio in normospermic individuals
Ahmet Gökçe, Deniz Gül
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.68725  Pages 146 - 149

10.Results of bone-wax implantation as a prosthesis after subcapsular orchiectomy in a delayed testicular torsion model in rats
Mustafa Suat Bolat, Recep Buyukalpelli, Filiz Karagöz
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.90267  Pages 150 - 154

11.Ithyphallic gods and their expressions
Ekrem Güner
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.10437  Pages 155 - 160

12.The pathophysiology of peyronie’s disease
Erhan Ateş, Ahmet Gökçe
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.94468  Pages 161 - 169

13.Infertility and quality of life: A systematic review
Merve Çağlar, İlkay Güngör Satılmış
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.79836  Pages 170 - 176

14.Spermatogenesis, spermiogenesis and clinical reflections
Fuat Kızılay, Barış Altay
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.27443  Pages 177 - 184

15.Evidence-based therapy options for female sexual dysfunction
Ercan Yeni
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.24650  Pages 185 - 189

16.Publications and Congress Calendar of Andrology

Pages 190 - 194
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