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Andrology Bulletin Volume: 22 Issue: 3


: 21 (3)
Volume: 21  Issue: 3 - 2019
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6.Comparison of the results of three different surgical methods in the treatment of adolescent varicocele
Murat Uçar, Ahsen Karagözlü Akgül, Ahmet Ender Caylan, Bilge Turedi, Mustafa Faruk Usta, Nizamettin Kılıç, Emin Balkan, Erol Güntekin
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.97268  Pages 83 - 88

7.Effect of duration of marriage on premature ejaculation
Erdem Kısa, Mehmet Zeynel Keskin
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.47113  Pages 89 - 92

8.The effect of voiding position on post-voiding residue in aging men in turkish society
Cavit Ceylan, Şenol Tonyalı, Serkan Doğan, Sedat Yahşi, Emre Uzun
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.07078  Pages 93 - 96

9.Views and attitudes of midwife students on premarital sex
Saadet Gonca Mavi Aydoğdu, Betül Uzun, Duygu Murat Öztürk
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.07269  Pages 97 - 104

10.Should percutaneuous testicular sperm aspiration be performed before testicular sperm extraction in all patients with azoospermia?
Özkan Onuk
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.09821  Pages 105 - 109

11.Continence and potency outcomes after robotic radical prostatectomy in the hands of console surgeon with previous experience as a bedside assistant: first 50 cases
Hacı İbrahim Çimen
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.14890  Pages 110 - 114

12.Pathophysiology of varicocele 2019
Ahmet Karakeçi, İrfan Orhan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.72621  Pages 115 - 118

13.Internet and Sexuality
Özden Tandoğan, Ümran Oskay
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.54154  Pages 119 - 122

14.Publications and Congress Calendar of Andrology

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