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Andrology Bulletin Volume: 22 Issue: 3


: 21 (2)
Volume: 21  Issue: 2 - 2019
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6.Azoospermia rates and affecting factors in local population and refugee patient groups
Serdar Toksöz, Yalçın Kızılkan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.04900  Pages 45 - 49

7.Sexual health problems in men teachers and determinatıon of related factors: web-based research
Yasemin Başkaya, Burcu Yılmaz, Nebahat Özerdoğan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.60465  Pages 50 - 55

8.The Effect of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome to the Female Sexual Function and Satisfaction
Coşkun Kaya, Yeliz Kaya, Serkan Ceyhan
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.50455  Pages 56 - 61

9.Oocyte and sperm mitochondria
Semih Tan, Mehmet Caner Özer, Nazlı Çil, Murat Serkant Ünal
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.20092  Pages 62 - 66

10.Place of probiotics in idiopathic male infertility
Turgay Akgül, Engin Doğantekin, Koray Ağras
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.57442  Pages 67 - 71

11.Sexual aspects of female patients with gynecological and breast cancer in different cultures and their problems
Dilek Aygin, Aysel Gül
doi: 10.24898/tandro.2019.87360  Pages 72 - 78

12.Publications and Congress Calendar of Andrology

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